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Rainforest Cafe Caribe Coconut Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce

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Where else can you dine within the rainforest, yet be minutes from a Disney adventure! The Rainforest Cafe operates two popular, theme restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Serving size: 4 to6

1 1/2 pounds chicken breasts (boneless,
    skinless, 1/3- to 1/2-inch thick)
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
2 cups flaked coconut
1 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup flour
2 eggs (beaten)
1/4 cup water
Deep fryer or deep skillet
Vegetable oil (for deep frying)
Rainforest Cafe Honey Mustard Dressing

Trim chicken breast so the pieces will measure 4" long and about 2 1/2" wide. Sprinkles sugar and salt over chicken breast and place in a zip lock bag and marinate in refrigerator for 4 hours.

When chicken breast are ready to be prepared, rinse lightly and drain. Place coconut, cornstarch, and flour in a bowl and mix well.

In separate bowl place beaten eggs and add water, blend well. Have oil hot and ready to fry chicken breast. Dip chicken breast in egg wash and then place chicken breast in coconut mixture, coated well. Carefully place chicken in hot oil and cook until lightly golden. Remove and place on a paper towel. When frying chicken do not crowd and keep a check on the oil so it does not burn.

The coconut chicken was served with the honey mustard on top of the chicken pieces, we have elected to serve the sauce on the side. For presentation and tasty side compliment. Slice a ripe pineapple in 1/8" pieces and cut the round slices in half. Lightly saut? the pineapple in a non stick sauce pan that has been sprayed with a non stick spray just until heated through. The pineapple will turn more intense yellow. Serving fresh saut?ed pineapple is also great with a pork entr?e.

Rainforest Cafe Honey Mustard Dressing

This sauce can be used on a variety of meats, and even salads.

1/3 cup honey mustard (French's)
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Mix mustard, mayonnaise and cayenne pepper together and blend well. Place in a covered container and refrigerate until ready to use.

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